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Nursery Software for Wholesale Growers is an Internet-hosted nursery solution for all of your information service needs. includes nursery software integrated with on-line services such as website, e-mail, security and backups, all for an affordable monthly membership.

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  • Wholesale Nursery Software
  • Live website always shows current inventory availability
  • Material library with pictures and plant facts
  • Orders with allocations and confirmations
  • Master order and multi-load shipping
  • Build trucks from loads
  • Invoices and Statements
  • Export Invoices to QuickBooks

Call 888-5-PLANTX   (888-575-2689)

"The Field version [Android App] of PlantX is amazing! It allows you to have inventory in real time and make adjustments as needed. You can even create locations for your crops and review customers orders with no hassles."

- Kevin Borts, Field Manager, Bizon Nursery

On-Line. Anywhere. Anytime.
As your nursery operates, your data constantly changes. With, keeping your customers up-to-date has never been easier. When you update your inventory, your sales reps and customers will immediately see those changes. This is the age of instant Internet access, and the nursery software integrates all of your data and web hosting needs in one place. It is time to harness this resource and connect your nursery -- on-line, anywhere, anytime. nursery software runs anywhere you have an Internet connection. Whether it is your main office, home office, branch office, laptop or greenhouse, keeps your business connected in real-time. instantly updates your plant library, catalog and availability on your website.

With you do not actually buy the software. is Software as a Service. Unlike traditional on-premise licensed software, nursery software is sold as a monthly service. No longer do you need to speculate and spend $15,000 to $25,000 to buy software and hardware for your wholesale nursery. Have a look at Software as a Service vs On-Premise Licensed Software for a quick comparison between the two business models.

Begin using the latest technology for a low monthly fee. See products and services for details.

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We Earn Your Business!
We don't just sell you a license to use our software and then walk away. As a service, we work to earn your business monthly. Which would you rather pay for: A piece of paper and a disk? Or the information services you need to run your business?

Real, Live, Website!
Parking a website on the Internet doesn't cut it anymore. You need to make your website a functional part of your business. You need to keep it fresh and "live". You must give your sales reps and customers a reason to bookmark your website and check back often. To make this happen, you need Any changes that your office staff make through our nursery software are reflected in real time on your integrated website. We can help build your website from your own design or start with one of our basic layouts. Reduce your data entry by giving your customers the ability to directly enter orders from your website.

Visit our example website Exemplar Nursery

See a brief demonstration video here.

Get started now with our 30-Day Free Trial.

No Contracts or Maintenance Agreements
Start using services and nursery software today. All that is needed is an Internet connection. No contracts to sign or maintenance agreements. You pay for the service as long as you need the service. If you decide does not work for you, there is no commitment and definitely no risk on your part. All software upgrades are included in the service; therefore, no maintenance contract is required.

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