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The Member Settings window is a collection of tabs where you can change properties that affect the way controls your website. The features include the ability to control user access to the website, appearance of the pages on the site and various forms for content. Access Web Settings by selecting Action | Web Settings from the menu bar.


List of users that can have access to the website. This includes users that have submitted a request for access.
Global parameters that control overall access and appearance.
Pictures used to watermark and brand all pictures shown in your material library. Also set the "None" picture that is shown when there are no pictures for a plant in your library.
A list of contact details for retailers of your product. Customers browsing your website can use this information to find local retailers that can sell them your product.
Lists of pictures that can be shown as slideshows on your website.
News Items
The home page supports a feature that can list current events on the home page. You could modify the home page (or any page) directly, but this feature give you a convenient way to post a list of notices that change regularly.
Quick Pics
Quick Pics is a showcase of pictures that you can show your customers when they visit your website. The pictures are typically posted to give customers a snapshot of the current view from around the nursery. Often times customers want to see how a particular plant is looking, or what you have on special. These pictures can be uploaded from your smartphone.
Web Pages
The heart of your website, this tab gives you the ability to maintain the content that makes up your website. It is a list of pages, pictures and programming that constitute the appearance and flow of the site. The web pages are populated with real-time, live data from your inventory.
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