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The Inventory Misc Tab is used to add additional information about tag colors, load factors, UPC codes, and much more.

  • Use the Extended Name field to add a Grafted Material.
  • Enter the UPC Code, if using them.
If no code is provided, there is a message of None/Invalid in the gray box to the right.
If a code is provided, but you have not set up a UPC Manufacture Code, there is a message of No Mfg Code in the gray box to the right.
If you have set up a UPC Manufacture Code and entered a UPC Code, the full UPC, including the manufacture code, is displayed in the gray box to the right.
  • Enter the SKU, if using them.
  • Enter the Load Factor.
  • Enter the Weight (Lbs).
  • Select an Optional Sort from the drop-down menu, if wanted.
  • Select a Revenue Account.
  • If using QuickBooks, enter a QB Item to override the revenue account.
  • Use the check boxes to toggle:
No Discount
Running Special
  • Select an option from the Show on Web drop-down menu:
IF_AVAILABLE to only show available items on your website availability page
IF_MIN_PRICE_AVAILABLE to only show what is available from the crop that has the lowest price
  • Select a Type from the drop-down menu, to use as a sort option when running reports.
  • Use the check box to toggle Exclude From Availability if you do not want the item listed as available.

Click Apply to save changes.

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