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This is where you perform any work related to customer accounts. Add new customer accounts, addresses, email addresses, phone / fax numbers, and shipping preferences. View ledger data, add payments and refunds, and set customer pricing.

To access the Customers window, select the Customer button on the main toolbar. Alternately, select Action | Customers from the menu bar, or press the F4 key.


Contacts Tab

Manage a list of contacts for the customer.

Addresses Tab

Manage a list of billing and shipping addresses for the customer.

Settings Tab

Record general customer account properties such as name, number and start date, as well as some settings related to shipping preferences and discounts.

Documents Tab

Manage the accounting documents on a customer account. The documents are listed in reverse date order (newest to oldest). This tab can be used to add payments, credit memos, debit memos, deposits and manual invoices.

Ledger Tab

Manage accounting documents like the Documents Tab but view the documents as a ledger with a running balance and current aging. Payments and credit memos can be applied to invoices to effectively "clear" sets of documents that balance to zero.
Ledger Archive Tab
Ledger items that have been archived show up here. Use the date range to narrow the scope. Use the View Document button to view details. Use the Restore Entry button to make the entry active again. (It will move back to the Ledger tab.)

Statement Tab

Review and adjust statement settings. Includes the proposed finance charge for the next statement and message to print on next statement.

Ship Orders and Bill Orders Tabs

Manage the customer's orders. Ship Orders shows the orders shipped to a customer. Bill Orders shows the orders billed to a customer.

Retail Prices Tab

Maintain a list of retail prices for each catalog item.
Pricing Tab
Set the default pricing the customer should receive when creating a new order. See Member Settings Pricing Tab and Inventory for more information on pricing.
Notes Tab
Enter notes specific to this customer. The notes are for internal use only and do not print on customer documents.
QuickBooks Tab
If invoices are exported to QuickBooks, then the customer account must be linked from to QuickBooks. With QuickBooks open and configured, click the Select button to select the respective QuickBooks account for the customer.
Contractor Tab
Not Used. Expansion feature that will allow contractors to use the website to place orders and to view their account balance and outstanding invoices.

Taxes Tab

Override the default tax settings for an account. When dealing with state and local taxation, it may be necessary to adjust the amount of tax charged on a customer's orders.

Rating Tab

Score the customer, giving them a rating that affects the color of the square next to the customer name.

Stats Tab

Contains account statistics such as Average Days to Pay and Average Monthly Volume.
History Tab
Shows a history of changes made the account and documents on the account. Use the Date Range text boxes to narrow or broaden the scope.
Quotes Tab
Manage a list of quotes for a customer. (Consignment edition only.)


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