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  • Wholesale Edition
    • Inventory
    • Order Entry
    • Shipping
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Live Web Hosting
    • Email Hosting
$399 per month (see Pricing)

  • Consignment Edition - Itemized Inventory Tracking with barcode and RFID tags for consignment sales.
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We asked the question: "Why do you buy software?"

Quite simply, save time, save money and most important make money. Of course, all software companies are going to say they can deliver on these claims, but shows results. Give the service a 30-day trial and see for yourself.

To Save Time

A software solution should save you time on paperwork. That does not mean replace paperwork with computer work; it should truly save time. This is the chief factor in looking for software or looking for better software. saves you time in a number of different ways:

  • Data Entry. uses botanical names to manage your data. Use over 50 plant attributes such as size, caliper, root type, and container type to enter your catalog. There is no need to invent strange product codes to make it work. And once you have the names entered into the system, you will never enter them again. features a library of over 7,000 plant names to help you get started.
  • Productive Views. has global views of your inventory, orders, accounts and trucks, bringing together the information you need to make decisions.
  • Concise Views. has a simple approach to organizing your catalog and inventory by taking advantage of specifying the plants' attributes.
  • Quick Searches. With less than four keystrokes you will find any plant in your inventory! organizes the inventory to rapidly find an individual plant or group of plants.

To Save Money

Of course, if you save time, you save money. Along with optimizing the value of your time, saves money because you only pay for the service that you need.

  • Software On-Demand. There is no long-term commitment to ... no contracts or annual maintenance fees. With, pay month-to-month for as long as you need the service.
  • Save Your Cash. Since you pay for monthly, you don't have to invest large sums of cash in software. No need to ponder the question, "How much am I going to risk on this software package?"
  • No Asset to Depreciate. Purchasing software requires that it be recorded as an asset. Think about that for a moment, you pay out cash for a piece of paper that gives you permission to run their software, then you have to treat the paper as an asset to be depreciated over the next five years. Instead, is a monthly service that provides software and information services so long as you need them. No piece of paper, no asset to depreciate. You spend your capital on other current demands. (Ask your accountant for details.)

To Make Money has the tools that give you real-time insight into your business, providing the information you need to maximize your sales.

  • Timely Information. Having the right information is valuable. Having the right information right now is imperative. shows you the information you need to make your next decision. See your changes immediately when you adjust supplies allocated from one order to another. This is perhaps the most powerful tool in
  • Real-time Inventory. You don't want your sales reps selling plants you don't have. You want customers to see the plants you have and when you have them. When you adjust stock levels or shift allocations, your website shows the changes simultaneously.
  • You Know Plants; We Know Software. You are in the business of selling plants; that is what we want you to concentrate on. We keep the software up-to-date and are constantly improving the quality and performance of Leave the software to us. ..and the server equipment ...and the website ...and the email ...and the security ...and the backups ...and the upgrades ...and you get the idea.
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