Jump to: navigation, search was developed by a software engineer with over 25 years of experience developing custom business software. The cooperation and expertise of six charter nurseries with diverse disciplines was a necessary ingredient in the success of the software in capturing the needs of the green industry. Read about the nurseries that have influenced the development of and the sentiments from other members.

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Bizon Nursery

"I can sit down for 20 minutes and make $10,000 by adjusting my order allocations instead of worrying about software!"

- Paul Bizon, Owner

"The Field version [Android App] of PlantX is amazing! It allows you to have inventory in real time and make adjustments as needed. You can even create locations for your crops and review customers orders with no hassles."

- Kevin Borts, Field Manager

C-Ware, Inc. worked with Bizon Nursery over the past 13 years to develop software that meets their needs. Through that time, Paul Bizon insisted that the software be simple to operate. Paul used to manage his sales by printing a 100-page report, and it was this time-consuming process that inspired C-Ware to create a software solution. (See History.)

Bizon Nursery represents the typical wholesale nursery dealing primarily with specimen plant material. handles their daily operations and covers their unique need of managing several profit centers within a single catalog.

  • does not just save you time and money, it helps you make money.
  • Extensive features without complexity.
  • Using and earlier versions since 1993.
  • Visit their website hosted by

Buchholz and Buchholz Nursery

"We realized how much time and money was being wasted with the other software. There were so many things we had to do manually. I'm glad we went through that extra effort because now we know what doesn't work. Your software fixed that."

- Talon Buchholz, Owner

Buchholz's operation presented a major challenge: how do you keep an application simple when the catalog is so diverse that it contains over 25,000 items covering over 7,000 different types of plant material in over 1,600 locations? Add the need to manage the sales of hundreds of thousands of liners, and is a "must have" to keep it simple!

  • can handle volumes of information and keep it organized and simple.
  • Replaced a custom application written in Access.
  • Visit their website hosted by

Alpha Nursery

After our initial training with Alpha Nursery's staff on a Friday afternoon, they asked "How long do you think it will take us to enter our inventory?" We made the conservative estimate of one week. To our pleasant surprise, they had their materials, catalog, pricing and supplies entered within two days!

After spending the better part of month making performance improvements to, I asked Melanie, a staff member, if she noticed any performance increase over the previous week since we installed the upgrade. She replied, "Yes, but it [] was already much faster than our old system."

Alpha Nursery exercises's ability to handle numerous accounts with year-round sales and operations. Where other nurseries tend to be seasonal, Alpha's orders are entered and fulfilled on a daily basis. Large master orders are shipped in smaller loads and invoiced throughout the year, depleting the order as they go.

  • Quick and easy data entry.
  • Capable of handling the daily workload.
  • replaced another nursery application.

P & D Nursery

"I use it more now than I thought I ever would. As soon as we have a new crop available, I just enter it in the system while I have the information in hand. It saves me time and energy. I no longer have to update my spreadsheets and post them on the Internet."

"I love the history feature. I can always look at the history to find out when things were done and where I left off."

- Pam Snodgrass, Owner

As owner and operator of P&D Nursery, saves Pam time so she can run her business. Pam makes extensive use of the crop feature in the Wholesale Edition. She is able to easily add new crops and supplies as the annuals become available throughout the year. As soon as she adds the new supplies, they are posted on the website with no extra buttons to push or duplicated efforts.

A thriving nursery can pull your attention in many different directions. keeps extensive audits, by creating a history of events: when the order was entered; when it was printed; who deleted the invoice; etc. Each step contributes to the history that is kept as a matter of record.

Pam used QuickBooks for years before switching to integrates with QuickBooks and exports invoices to avoid double entry. It is a product that works for her and her accountant.

  • Works with QuickBooks Professional.
  • replaced maintaining numerous spreadsheets.
  • Visit their website hosted by

Garden World

"Garden World's unique consignment philosophy is one that requires unique software. Our business and our software are so closely linked that Garden World is, and is Garden World. Garden World simply would not exist without this software."

- Kaitlin Kenagy, General Manager

Garden World required a unique solution for selling plants on consignment. It required tracking thousands of trees individually so that their respective owner is paid at Point-of-Sale. Similar in operation to other "Scan-and-Pay" scenarios, goes one step further by tracking each plant separately with a unique barcode tag number, giving an entire history of the plant and its movements. UPC codes used by other scan-and-pay applications cannot track individual plants; therefore, you cannot tell when a plant was received or how long it has been sitting in inventory.

It was this demand for a cost-effective solution to track thousands of individual plants that spurred the recent version of To build the software that made managing a wholesale nursery easy and then apply it to a consignment outlet serving a dozen nurseries would take the latest technology, lots of nursery-expert input, thorough programming knowledge, creativity, and then some.

  • Track an entire supply or an individual plant with barcodes.
  • is ready for RFID.
  • Visit their website hosted by

Oaklane Nursery

"User friendly is the main thing. There were just some things the earlier software couldn't do no matter what you tried. With your software there is always some way to get it to work. It's a great program for people who are not knowledgeable about software."

- Will Lighty, Owner

Will Lighty owns and operates Oaklane Nursery in Canby, Oregon, with help from his daughter who lives almost 30 miles away in Gresham. Since runs over the Internet, they work together on order entry, allocation and invoicing from two different locations. By saving time and money, pays for itself.

  • makes the technological promises of the "virtual office" and "telecommuting" a reality!
  • Will has been using and its earlier versions since 1994.
  • Visit the website hosted by

Daniels Nursery

"It [] has made us more professional looking. Our website, new printer, and our paperwork tells our customers who we are and what we have to offer. We are seeing orders that are doubled in size from last year."

"It has given us more confidence in our numbers. The harvest report tells us exactly where to get the trees for the order. No need to go look and see. We know exactly which containers will be needed in the field. It has saved us time with our production."

- Greg Daniels, Owner

Greg tried other nursery software programs and was very unhappy with the results, so while trying he was very skeptical. Within two weeks he was well under way using Unfortunately we encounter this scenario all too often, where we are met with great fear, uncertainty and doubt left over from their previous software experience. It is great that within three months time our success and efforts can be measured with such testimonials.

  • Professional looking website and documentation has contributed to orders nearly doubling in size.
  • Confidence in inventory numbers gives control over allocation and substitution.
  • Ability to enter orders quickly has led to a same day response policy.
  • Harvest report shows where the trees are located which saves time fulfilling orders.
  • Visit their website hosted by

All Seasons Sales & Marketing

"I have been looking for this software for twenty years!"

"I want you to be successful because I know how hard it is to do what you're doing, but darn I don't want those other guys out there to discover how great your program is. I sound selfish but ask yourself how quick you would share the fountain of youth?"

- Anthony Hoke, Owner

Eshraghi Nursery

"If you ever need a new computer system for work. They are awesome!"

- Joel Johnson, Sales Rep
  • A very active participant in PlantX. They pioneered many of the UPC features.
  • Visit their website

Tangletown Gardens

"You have designed a fabulous system....very user friendly and easy to work with - and easy to download onto a new computer too. Thank you!"

- Jill Engelmann, Tangletown Gardens
  • Landscape designers use the website to enter their order directly, increasing accuracy and saving time.
  • Visit their website
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