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Privacy Statement

C-Ware, inc. (“C-Ware”) has created this privacy statement (“Statement”) to convey our commitment to customer privacy. Your time and information is valuable to you and your business is valuable to C-Ware. Preserving your privacy, your data and the privacy of your data is our primary objective at C-Ware. Our business is creating tools to help you gather, organize and distribute your important information within your company and with trading partners. This document describes our privacy policies regarding contact and customer data. We reserve the right to modify this Statement and will provide at least thirty (30) day notice prior to effecting change. Notice will be given at customer logon.

Contact Data
When you sign up as a customer to use C-Ware’s software and information services (“Service”), we collect corporate and personal data (“Contact Data”). Contact Data includes, but not limited to, name, company name, address, phone, e-mail address, financial and billing details. Billing details can include billing name, address, credit card number, bank account number and any subsequent payment routing methods.

C-Ware uses Contact Data to facilitate all Services, which includes access and use of the hosted software applications, on-line support, consultation, change notices, product surveys, promotions and events. Each type of notice, when applicable, is customer controlled in terms of delivery and/or frequency. Notices of policy or license changes is not optional.

C-Ware will not disclose Contact Data to any third party. C-Ware may convey required financial data for the sole purpose of qualification or billing of Service.

Customer Data
In the course of business, customers collect business data (“Customer Data”) that is recorded at C-Ware as part of the Service. This information is kept in the strictest confidence and is never disclosed without Customer request or consent.

On-line Support
C-Ware uses a remote connection to facilitate customer support. Since the connection is establish over the Internet, the connection is secured using SSL encryption. The connection is initiated and controlled by the Customer. While providing on-line support C-Ware will be exposed to Customer Data, therefore, by requesting on-line support the Customer grants permission to C-Ware to view sensitive Customer Data.

Maintenance, Research, Development and Testing
During maintenance, research, development and testing it is necessary to expose Customer Data to C-Ware information systems staff (“IS Staff”) including security administrators, network administrators, server administrators, design engineers, software engineers and programmers. Customer Data is checked regularly for integrity and should any issues arise, we will correct such issues. Usage and volume statistics that are generated from regular operations are used to ensure operational integrity and are only used by IS Staff. Although C-Ware develops new services and features for all customers, individual customers may request specific features and in doing so grants C-Ware access to Customer Data in order to tailor the feature to their specific needs. C-Ware has the right to make any feature available to all customers but will remove any customer specifics before making it available.

Trade Partners
To facilitate communication between trade partners (“Partner”), C-Ware keeps a public registry of customers. Listing in the registry is completely optional but is required to utilize Partner features or offer Partner features to others. Registry information is currently limited to name, city , state and zip. Customers may wish to include additional contact details like phone number and full address.

C-Ware will only disclose information to a Partner that is deliberately and explicitly specified by a customer’s actions. Information transferred to Partner is limited to transmittal documents that would normally be sent through fax or e-mail, such as purchase orders, sales orders, invoices or credit memos.

Downloaded Data
Any information downloaded to a customer’s computer is the sole responsibility of the customer to preserve privacy. C-Ware applications, both client computers or interim servers download Customer Data used in normal processing. This information resides in temporary and permanent files on the local file system and should be considered sensitive information and treated as such.

Third-Party Websites
To enhance and extend its services, C-Ware’s software and websites include links to other websites. C-Ware’s privacy statement does not extend to these linked resources. Customers and visitors should consult the privacy policy or other credentials before offering any personal or organizational details.

C-Ware Service websites require “cookies,” a form of marker that helps control access and user experience. These cookies, sent to the web browser, contain just enough information to record key user interactions to individualize the user, yet store no personal or organizational data. The typical cookie contains a number to uniquely identify your web browser and settings that affect usability.

C-Ware websites are also programmed to record traffic statistics. The stats are anonymous but may include your Internet Protocol (IP) address to better clarify and classify these statistics.

Additional Information
Let us answer any questions you may have regarding this Statement by sending an e-mail to, calling 503-682-7226 or sending a postal inquiry to

Security Administrator
C-Ware, Inc.
29895 SW Kinsman Rd
Wilsonville, OR 97070
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