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No need to use other software to print labels. Do it all within

All of the information that is added to the Material Library can be used to create labels.

There are several forms of labels.


Label Types

Material Labels

Use the information from your Material Library to create labels for your plants.

Catalog Labels

Catalog labels have all of the details found in the Material Library along with the specific catalog attributes like size, container size, growth habit, etc. The catalog label optionally includes a UPC barcode and catalog price.

Retail Labels

Retail labels are just like catalog labels only they print with your customer's name and retail pricing. The customer name and retail prices entered on their order is used to print a customized a label, ready for delivery.

Tracking Labels

Tracking labels are different from the other label types. Tracking labels are printed with barcodes, but they are not the UPC codes printed for retail. The barcodes printed on tracking labels don't use the retail product code. Instead, they use a unique tracking number that separates the plant or supply apart from all others.

Supply Labels tracks the various supplies of cataloged plants. assigns each supply a unique tracking number. Supply labels print a barcode encoded with the unique number so that it can be tracked in the field.

Location Labels

To track where your plants are located, records a list of locations. You give names to each of your locations and assigns each location a unique number. The unique location number is printed on a location label that is posted at the location so that it can be scanned to record inventory movements.

Consignment Labels

Consignment label printing is exclusive to the Consignment Edition. Each plant that is sold on consignment must be tracked until it is sold. To do so, generates and prints a unique barcode for each plant on the lot. The consignment label is scanned as the plant is moved from location to location around the yard and eventually when it goes through point-of-sale.


Since there are a number of applications for tags, there is a number of format choices.

Adhesive Labels

Typically 2" x 3".

One-inch Strip Tags

These are the common one-inch wide labels that print in the TEC/TXP label printers.

Custom Formats

If you need a new or unusual format, can create custom formats, usually within 24 hours.

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