Guide: Merging Two Catalog Items


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How to merge two catalog items in your Inventory:

  • Occasionally, you might need to merge two catalog items into one entry (for instance, if a catalog item is accidentally added twice).

1. Select the Inventory button on the main toolbar.

  • Alternately, select Action | Inventory from the menu bar, or press the F8 key.
The Inventory window opens.

2. Expand the tree view to find the catalog items. Highlight the two catalog items to merge by holding down the Shift or Control key on your keyboard, and then clicking on the two entries.

  • Be sure to get the correct two items.

3. Click the Merge Catalog Items button to the right of the Inventory tree view.

The button is active only when two items are highlighted.
The Merge Catalog Items dialog opens.
The information that will be kept is on the left.
The information that will be replaced is on the right.
Use the Swap button between the left and right headers to switch which side will be kept and which will be replaced.

4. Make changes to the information that will be kept.

  • Be sure to check all tabs.

5. Click the OK button to save changes.

The tree will collapse. Use the Search text box to look up the item again.
The catalog item to replace is removed from the list.

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