Guide: Deleting a Catalog Item


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How to delete a catalog item from Inventory:

1. Select the Inventory button from the main toolbar.

  • Alternately, select Action | Inventory from the menu bar, or press the F8 key.
The Inventory window opens.

2. Use the catalog tree view to select the catalog item to delete.

  • Expand nodes in the tree view to locate the desired catalog item.
  • Use the Search Name text box to narrow the list and find the catalog item quickly.

3. Click the Delete Catalog Item button.

The Confirm Delete dialog opens.

4. Click Yes to confirm the delete.

The catalog item will be removed from the list.
  • If the selected catalog item is used elsewhere in the system (for example, in Orders), you will not be able to delete it. Instead, use the Catalog Item Archive feature.

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