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How to bulk add Catalog Items to Materials:

You can use Create Initial Catalog Items whenever you have several new materials to add to your catalog; it will only add an initial catalog item to any materials that do not already have catalog items.

1. Select the Materials button on the main toolbar.

  • Alternately, select menu option Action | Materials.
The Materials window opens.

2. Select Material | Create Initial Catalog Items from the menu bar.

The Confirm Create dialog opens.

3. Click Yes to create initial catalog items.

4. Any material that did not have a catalog item added will now have one, with no attributes assigned.

5. Fill out the remaining tabs in the Materials window, and use the Picture Assignment tool to assign images to your materials.

6. Select the Inventory button on the main toolbar.

  • Alternately, select Action | Inventory from the menu bar, or press the F8 key.
The Inventory window opens.

7. Use the Copy button to make multiple copies of your inventory items-- one copy for each different attribute type.

  • EXAMPLE: If you have 3 different sizes of a plant, you should have three copies of that material.

8. Assign the different attributes to each copy.

If you find you've made too many copies, you can delete the extras.

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