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How to add a Supply to Inventory:

  • Note: Create your list of Catalog Items before adding a supply.
See the Catalog Item guide for details.

1. Select the Inventory button from the main toolbar.

  • Alternately, select Action | Inventory from the menu bar, or press the F8 key.
The Inventory window opens.

2. Select the Supplies & Orders tab on the right side of the window.

3. Click on the item to add a supply to, located in the Catalog Items list on the left side of the window.

4. With the catalog item highlighted, click the Add Supply button on the far right side of the window.

The Add Supply window opens.

5. Select the Crop that the supply will be assigned to. (Example: Fall)

See the Add a Crop guide for details.

6. Select the Location that the supply is assigned to. (Example: Field #1).

See the Add Location guide for details.

7. Enter the Start date.

8. Enter the Ready date.

9. Enter a Reason for supply creation.

"Supply created" is the default.

10. Click OK to apply.

The supply of the catalog item now appears on the right side of the inventory window.

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